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The Best Cat Video on the Internet

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Megan Garber writes:

Yesterday, the prestigious Walker Art Center held an Internet Cat Film Festival. Yes. And part of the festivities included the awarding of the show's People's Choice award, the result of both curation from the museum's experts and a public vote.

Culled from an entire Internet filled with cat videos, and honed by experts both professional and amateur -- this is the film that came out on top. This is, officially, The Best Cat Video on the Internet: Henri 2, Paw de Deux!

A little bit arty, a little bit cheeky, decisively feline in focus ... it's perfect. Or, er, purrfect. As the film's creator, Will Braden, put it: "This is a great honor. I don't think I've ever purred this loudly."

Two paws up!!

I love that video so much. I wish I could have gone to the Internet Cat Film Festival. lol

I love that video too!

Do you think they'll have an Internet Cat Festival every year?

I hope so! I need to go to the next one!

I hope so too! Any cat videos you think deserve honorable mention?

There are so many that are funny and cute! I have an exciting video of my kitten waving for treats. (not too exciting)

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