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Disparity in medical billing - The Washington Post

Disparity in medical billing The Washington Post


For the first time, the government has released prices that hospitals charge for common inpatient procedures. Until now, these charges were competitive secrets in the industry. While the average bill for procedures across the United States varies widely by type of hospital, the Medicare reimbursement amount doesn’t vary much.

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Wow. Why did it take this long to reveal the prices that hospitals charge?

Those really should not be trade secrets. 

It seems like everyone involved was benefiting in the short term, except consumers.  You can point Congress and the Feds for insisting on Medicare getting prices at 50% of retail.  You can point to insurance companies who wanted to make sure being uninsured was infeasible and that companies thought they really were being saved vast sums over retail.  You can point to most communities in the US who sold their public hospitals into private companies with the promise to run them more efficiently.  (More efficiently for whom???)  Short term greed over long term impact.  Clearly, you can point to Wall Street who obsesses over the next quarter and company profits rather than long term viability of the country or individuals.  This was everyone gaming everyone run amok.

Well then I'm glad they're reeling it in but it seems like there's still a long way to go to get to fair. 

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