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“Pharmaficial” Intelligence Could Science Fiction Become A Pharma Reality

Pharmaficial Intelligence Could Science Fiction Become A Pharma Reality


I recently went to see Disney’s latest film, Big Hero 6. Like a lot of Disney movies, it depicts a world filled with creative inventions, and promotes the inspirational motto “try, try again” in the face of failure (a familiar phrase to the ever-innovating pharma industry). But it also depicts a futuristic vision of where the pharma industry could be headed as treatment and technology become more closely tied in the quest for patient centricity and improved quality of life.

One of the main characters of the film is Baymax, the giant inflatable personal healthcare robot. All it takes is the word “Ow!” and Baymax inflates, performs a full body scan, issues a diagnosis, and provides treatment.  Designed to be “non-threatening and huggable,” Baymax only deflates once the patient says they are satisfied with his or her care — a patient-centric robot, if I do say so myself. 

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I need to see that movie.  Some good links and notable efforts.

It's a good movie and it makes me long for a world with personal healthcare robots. 

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