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The Disneyland measles crisis: how to make negligent parents pay...

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California has become inexcusably lax in granting "personal belief" exemptions from child vaccinations.

Effective last year, all that was required was an affidavit from the parent stating that their personal beliefs militated against vaccination, and a form signed by a doctor, osteopath, nurse practitioner, physician's assistant or "naturopathic" doctor stating that the parent, guardian, or student had received information about the benefits and risks of immunization and the danger to the community of going without. 

Of course, that's a joke. California bristles with offbeat pediatricians and other professionals happy to sign this meaningless form. It's incumbent on the Legislature to shut this loophole, stat,and start compelling compliance with the law. Vaccines should be restored to their status as mandatory; the law should bar exemptions except for medical complications and genuine religious credos. It should be made clear that schools have the legal right to refuse enrollment to children left unvaccinated by parental choice. The Medical Board of California should advise its licensees, now, that purveying unorthodox immunization advice could be judged to be a departure from the standard of care, and place their license in jeopardy.

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