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The Folly of Banning Yik Yak on School Campuses

The Folly of Banning Yik Yak on School Campuses Pacific Standard


On a calm day, a platform such as Yik Yak provides a glimpse of the workaday stresses in undergraduate life; on the worst days, the platform is like an X-ray that lets us study the cancers of the campus, the malignant growths we thought had gone into remission. My undergrad students have acknowledged an analogous use among themselves; as one student puts it, “These posts make clear the extent of racism on this campus, but when Yakkers condemn and downvote a bigoted post, it also reminds me how I’m surrounded by thousands of smart, moral people. It helps put things in perspective if we want to work toward tolerance.”

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Ignore the fact that a co-founder quit...

...and instead focus on the fact that it has 15 million downloads!

Oh wait, it has the same problem as Yik Yak. People are mean when they're anonymous. 

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