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Gladwell Entrepreneur Personality Traits

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"It's rare to have those two qualities in combination, to be both someone with an imagination to dream up some radical way of doing things and the relentless focus to make it happen," Gladwell said. "Add to that the third thing: You also must be disagreeable." Why disagreeable? Here's Gladwell in "David and Goliath":But crucially, innovators need to be disagreeable ... They are people willing to take social risks — to do things that others might disapprove of. 

Disagreeable as in willing to go against conventional wisdom.

Not disagreeable as in unpleasant. 

these are great tips!  now i have to work on getting organized and not caring what others think!

Getting organized is a lot easier than not caring what others think. 

that's why i'm getting organized now and not caring what others think later.

Good call!

I think the conscientious factor is not organized as in having a neat desk. I view it as more about being conscientious to do what you have to do to succeed.

Both a desk with some organization and doing what's needed seem to come from the same personality trait.

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