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Guns, sex and arrogance: I hated everything about America — until I moved here - Washington Post

Guns, sex and arrogance: I hated everything about America â until I moved here - The Washington Post 


As a college student, I hated almost everything about America. Growing up in India, I never viewed the United States as the promised land of freedom and wealth idealized in movies. I never fantasized about a utopia of gold-paved streets. Instead, I saw America as a land of rudeness, overabundance and arrogance — the last place I ever wanted to be. ...

These days, I surprise myself by strongly defending America against trite negative characterizations I hear in other countries. When I was young, I believed that Americans unfairly stereotyped India, but in fact, I had unfairly stereotyped Americans. I had criticized them for not knowing my culture, when I was equally ignorant about theirs. The truth is, the United States is not a land of arrogant xenophobes. It’s also not a utopia of freedom and wealth. Like all nations, it harbors a complicated culture, with many layers of good and bad.

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Interesting path to enlightenment.  Although in the past only some media may have been available abroad, it seems that now America should be mostly an open book.  Probably still difficult to get a complete feel when your frame of reference is so different.

It's difficult to make any generalizations about America since America is so diverse. 

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