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Time Warner Cable's 97 Percent Profit Margin on High-Speed Internet Service Exposed | Bruce Kushnick

Time Warner Cable s 97 Percent Profit Margin on High Speed Internet Service Exposed Bruce Kushnick


In our Petition for Investigation of Time Warner Cable (TWC) and Comcast, we point out that TWC's High-Speed Internet service has a 97 percent profit margin and a number of people asked how that statistic was derived. Simple. Time Warner Cable provides the information, (with some caveats).

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It seems entirely likely that Time Warner and Comcast are profiting heavily.

It also seems entirely likely there's nothing we can do about that. 

We should try to end the local monopolies on cable. Make the cable companies allow other companies to use their pipes to sell services, a la the MVNOs with the wireless telecoms.

I agree, but how?

No wonder they want to charge Netflix and other video providers extra. How could the cable companies be expected to survive if they are only making a 55% profit margin on video. /sarcasm

Yeah it's pretty disgusting how much money they're making. 

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