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The Seahawks lost trying to be Right Shark when they're actually Left Shark

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You gotta be yourself as hard as you can. Anything less is unacceptable and leads to a Seahawks loss.

I love the sharks. They made the superbowl for me.

They made the Super Bowl for everyone. 

But there's a good point in the article. If you're the Left Shark, own it.

The Seahawks are a very Left Shark team...

The Seahawks are rough around the edges, and they are proud as hell about it.

Their best offensive play is to give the ball to a running back who seeks out contact so he can dish out punishment to defenders. Everybody said their quarterback wouldn't be a fit in the NFL, that his playing style wasn't right, but he blossomed into a star running plays nobody thought would work.

Like Left Shark, the Seahawks are unique, and like Left Shark, they don't care what you think about them.

With the game on the line, the Seahawks decided to try being Right Shark

The Seahawks were one yard from a game-winning touchdown. Instead of giving the ball to their beastly running back who lives for yards after contact, they threw a slant route. It was intercepted.

Nobody liked this decision. The Seahawks' players openly criticized it. Everybody from around the league criticized it. Pete Carroll admitted afterwards it was a mistake.

The Seahawks do not thrive on slant routes at the goal line. The Seahawks thrive on letting Marshawn Lynch be Marshawn Lynch or letting Russell Wilson be Russell Wilson. Instead, they asked a QB not known for his precision passing to throw a precise pass, and asked a track star-turned-wide receiver not known for his ability to fight through contact for catches to fight through contact for a catch.

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