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The One Thing I'd Fix: America's Decline in Entrepreneurship

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"The one thing I'd fix right away is this super serious jobs problem, because if we don't, we might lose our republic and our way of life. And I wouldn't fix it with more government "shovel-ready" jobs or free money from the Federal Reserve. I'd fix it with millions of new startup companies and by reviving the spirit of entrepreneurship."

And how, pray tell, do we revive the spirit of entrepreneurship?

I think all of city, county, state, federal taxes, payroll, insurance, debt, retirement, family, etc are all stacked against it.  I think you'd have to be truly insane to be an entrepreneur in this day an age.

revive it through universal income.

Thanks Jared.  You mentioned that before, but I don't see the connection.  Universal income creates complacency, not entrepreneurship. 

Actually, if I had my income taken care of I'd be freed to take more risks.

But I can see how a lot of people would use it to have a life of comfort.

I agree that you have to be insane to be an entrepreneur right now, but at least that means less competition. :)

Adam, you are one in a billion!  I'd pay your living wage in a heartbeat if I could!  I think the world is a better place with you doing what you do, my friend. 

Thanks Greg!

I think that's the key to entrepreneuring right now: You'd do it even if you're NOT getting paid.

I keep trying to figure out what a living wage really means:

$1200 rent

$200 utilities

$350 car

$95 insurance

$100 gas

$45 big screen tv

$65 cable bill

$50 mobile service

$35 iphone6

$49 Internet provider

$500 food

$175 beer/wine :-)


$2,864/month = $34,368/year or about $17.18/hour.   If you add kids or an expensive girlfriend, that doubles. ;-)

Greg, some in every generation might be lazy but I think universal income would bring a lot to business, arts, and science. 

Thanks, Jared. (Just for the record, I never called anyone lazy!)  Looking at the statistics, it says 13% of all adults of working age are associated with a startup (if you use that as a definition of entrepreneur).    I can see where that would create jobs and the next great industry.  As much as I like art, I can't see subsidizing certain types.  I had an employee work for me once.  He hated his job and put every effort into not doing it.  He played guitar and would sit around all day trying to dream up his great new songs that were going to be his lottery ticket. 

Life is an investment.  Unless you provide value, nobody is going to invest in you, except you.  That's why entrepreneurship is so hard.  You are investing in yourself before anyone else sees the potential. 

very true

Universal income reminds me of Gene Roddenbery's vision for Star Trek. (At least in TNG)

I love the theory of everyone having enough to subsist and therefore striving for personal achievement, but I have doubts about it's practical least in US culture. Might work better elsewhere.

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