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5 Trends That Will Shape The Future Of Tiny Housing

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Americans absolutely won't rent an apartment with a non standard-size fridge or washer-dryer.

Which means the whole 300-sq-ft place is built around that huge fridge.

And whatever you do, don't call it "micro" :

They won't be called "micro." According to the report, "the term has begun to arouse negative connotations associated with higher density, overcrowding, and transient populations." So far, ideas for rebranding the micro-apartment are largely cringeworthy. The report suggests that "innovation units," "launch pads," and "fun units" are all viable alternatives.

Perhaps as they become more ubiquitous, they'll just be called "apartments." A developer in Washington, D.C., for example, has erected two buildings with micro-units in the district that are marketed merely as budget-friendly apartments in great neighborhoods—there is no mention of their exact size on the company's website. "We don’t call them micro-units," developer Michael Korns of Keener-Squire Properties told the Washington Post last summer. "That’s a trendy name."

The full report is here. Check out more predictions for the future of urban living here.

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