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CurvesInBikinis with Ashley Graham

By Swim Suits for AllĀ

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She has great confidence, and it shows ;)

That Reddit thread really shows the giant gap between men and women, because all the comments I read were about whether the girl was hot or "unhealthy", and whether it was unfair that the guy was skinny.

As a woman, I think these things:

* Swimsuits For All sells, guess what, "average-size" (meaning ~size 14) and plus-size swimsuits. Who are they gonna get to model their swimsuits? An idealized version of their own customer!

* Even women who are not fat can have a lot of trouble finding swimsuits if they have large breasts. The AVERAGE American woman wears a D cup now! Yet swimsuits are hard to find at D or beyond. Swimsuits for All sells E/F cup tops.

* The unthinking power of the male gaze lives on. What to women appears as a series of practical problems -- how to buy a swimsuit that makes them feel good and holds their breasts up, or learning about businesses that cater to their actual needs -- to men is just another opportunity to judge their weight, attractiveness, dateability, boobage, etc. in context-free terms (e.g. not "Would I have any chance of dating a woman this attractive?" but "Is this woman hot enough to model swimsuits?") It makes me appreciate Silicon Valley where the very first conclusion anyone jumps to is whether this is a good BUSINESS move or not -- "Is there a market in plus-size bikinis?" -- rather than whether they want to have sex with the face of the brand.

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