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10 Reasons to go Back to Bed and Sleep More

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Reasons 6 and 5 are the best...

6) The dangers of microsleep

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine defines a microsleep as an episode, lasting anywhere between a fraction of a second to half a minute, during which external stimuli are not perceived.

Your most memorable encounters with microsleeps have probably been while trying in vain to stay awake during a movie or lecture, your head jerking around like some droopy-eyed bobble-head doll; but micro sleeps are most dangerous when we don't notice them at all. Have you ever driven through an intersection only to realize that you had no idea what color the traffic light was? There's a chance you were experiencing a bout of microsleep.

5) Lack of sleep is expensive

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine reports that there are an average of 250,000 accidents every year related to sleep — which sounds high, until you read that as many as 80,000 drivers may be falling asleep behind the wheel every day (think about it: many of them are probably experiencing microsleeps).

And while the cost to human life is obviously high (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates — conservatively — that drowsy driving results in over 1500 deaths annually), its monetary cost is also enormous. In 1994, a special report for the National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research found that all told, accidents related to sleep deprivation are estimated to have an annual economic impact in the range of $43 billion to $56 billion dollars.

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