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#Linsanity is taking a backseat to Carmelo Anthony, Joy Wrecker. (via @johnolilly @briankoppelman @Grantland33)

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John Lilly tweeted a link to Brian Koppelman's excellent Grantland article.

This is the key paragraph for me.

The Knicks are a winning team without Carmelo, and a losing team with him. I can talk about shots per game, Mike D'Antoni's offense, Amar’e Stoudemire’s conditioning, but what it comes down to, in the end, is that Carmelo Anthony, on the court, does not care about anything but Carmelo Anthony.

And now as a result the Knicks coach resigned:

The news of Mike D'Antoni's resignation broke after I penned this rant. So there you have it. Carmelo and Dolan put a bullet in the head of the guy who found a way to win with all his supposed stars on the bench. The guy who actually gave the Garden 10 days of hope.

Knicks, please trade Melo, and bring Linsanity back!! We want more than 10 days of hope!!!

I really have to wonder whether the Knicks are being rational by not winning. They are owned by Madison Square Garden Inc, a publically traded company; and frankly the value of the company doesn't seem to be that affected by actually WINNING GAMES. Getting a contract with Time Warner matters way more to the value of the stock than whether Carmelo Anthony is a ball hog.

This whole "being rational by not winning" is Hero Ball, not Basketball.

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