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▶ Baseball hit iphone - YouTube

Source: YouTube Video

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My new iphone is so awesome that the camera lets you count the stitches and read the writing on the ball.  The best part is the screen didn't crack!

baseball hitting iphone meme Imgur

baseball hitting iphone meme Imgur

Wow that's clear! Which iPhone did you get?

iphone 6.  I love it!  I got it for the camera....

Sweet. When I upgrade the 6+ is looking more appealing to me because battery.

Unfortunately, when I have a baseball game, work emails, and a basketball game, bluetooth audio in the car, a couple of games, and texting, including both sports games where I keep the video camera active to be ready to catch the best shots, it churns through battery like there was no tomorrow.  I have USB charging at home and work, and a USB cable in the char which charges when it's running, but a long day can easily run it down almost all the way.   Still, the battery's better than an iphone 5. 

But let me say again, the camera is amazing. It's the main reason I got it.  I wish the iphone6 had a 1080 display--the plus is obnoxious, but has one. 

One last comment, can you see how the ball is elongated after hitting the metal in the first pic? 

Yes, that elongated ball is cool!

I'm guessing iPhone 6s this fall will have the 1080 -- but that requires further improvement in battery.

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