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Somewhere In-between - Felicia Horowitz talks about what she learned from being mom to a transgender child

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A spirited and honest account of a mom who found out that her child was transgender by means of hairdressing... and what she learned about her friendships and faith since then.

Wow what a heartfelt story. Thank you for sharing.

I like when Bill Campbell gave them tickets to a 49ers game. 

The end of Felicia's post stuck with me:

These incidents may seem like slights, but they are life. If my closest, dearest friends cannot comprehend what is going on, then how will strangers treat my beloved child? I worry about this constantly, relentlessly, always. Still, I could not be more proud of Jules. His courage and fearless strength blow me away. I have no doubt that he will accomplish great things in life if the world allows him to just live.

Jules wrote a piece in HuffPo - thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner:

Found that here: