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Why Annie Lennox Had the Best Grammys Performance 2015

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The logic of pairing younger artists with older ones at an event like the Grammys is fairly simple. The newcomer gets some gravitas, the veteran gets some relevance, and fan bases can cross-pollinate. But there’s also something else: the potential for a teachable moment in being awesome.

I can’t stop thinking about how great Annie Lennox was on Sunday night. When the 60-year-old former Eurythmic joined the young Irish rocker Hozier for his hit "Take Me to Church" and her cover of Screamin' Jay Hawkins’s “I Put a Spell on You,” she not only bested her young counterpart—she shined a light on just how phoned-in most of the night's other performances were. It helps to watch on full screen, and feel free to skip to 1:56, when Lennox comes in.

As soon as she shows up, she injects intensity and sharpness that "Take Me to Church" otherwise lacks; the chorus takes on the pleading, pained quality that the lyrics have always suggested. She flashes a mischievous look as “I Put a Spell on You” begins, before going on to give full-body performance with the commitment of a method actor gunning for an Oscar: shimmying, pointing, play air harmonica. Playful, fearsome, utterly unique.

That really was the best performance of the night. 

Though Paul McCartney with Rihanna and Kanye was also memorable. 

Yesitwas, yesitwas.

Speaking of pairings:  I did not like the choice of song for Gwen Stefani, it was painful for me to watch, I really like her stuff, but I just didn't feel the song was a good choice for her.  Adam Levine did fine with the song.

Agreed, I've already forgotten what Gwen sang.

I told Geege that I thought AC/DC was great, too.

Agreed, but not sure Angus can pull off the schoolboy outfit anymore, as he's 59! :P

Haha, that's even better. He's YOUNG at heart.

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