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Google, GE, eBay, and Twitter support Girls Who Code ...

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Leena Rao writes:

In 1967, 25-year-old Damyanti Gupta immigrated to Detroit with one goal—to be an Engineer at Ford Motor Company. Only there was one problem: there were no female engineers at the company. When a hiring executive flatly told her that “we don’t have any women on staff”, she mustered her confidence and replied “if you don’t hire me, then you won’t have that benefit.” A few weeks later, Damyanti was hired as Ford’s first-ever female engineer.

Gupta and her story are just one of many that inspired Reshma Saujani to found Girls Who Code, a new, New York-based initiative designed to help teach girls how to code so that they can pursue careers in technology and engineering. And what’s especially awesome about Saujani’s organization is that it has the steadfast support of a number of companies, including Google, GE, eBay, and Twitter.

As Saujani tells me, the goal is simple: “To close the gap for women in the computer science and engineering fields.”


Twitter Software Engineer Sara Haider, who co-chairs Twitter’s female engineers group with Olivia Watkins, have been spearheaded the company’s efforts with Girls Who Code, spending time with the current class of young women, helping each develop Android apps built off of Twitter’s API.

Haider explains, “Girls Who Code aligns with our vision for how we want to tackle the issue of the supply of women in engineering…this looks at the other end of funnel which inspires young women to enter engineering.”

A tad self-serving of Twitter and Google to make the girls program using the Twitter API and Android, but whatevs.

Nevertheless I applaud the mission of Girls Who Code.

I'm fairly certain they could get Facebook, Yahoo, and LinkedIn involved if they wanted.

No, this is not my boyfriend's computer.


Change the equation.

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