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If Content Is King, Multiscreen Is The Queen, Says New Google Study

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"The study also found that although a lot of attention is being focused on smartphones and apps, this device is not only the smallest screen in our world, it’s also used for the shortest bursts, at 17 minutes per session, compared to 30 minutes on tablets, 39 minutes on PCs and the 43 minutes watching TV."

I never use a smartphone when I can use a tablet instead.

On the other hand, I regularly use a tablet when I could be using a laptop.

I wonder if that's significant.

I believe it is significant. I wish they delved into the Tablet as the starting point as they did with the smart phone. Often times my starting point is with me on the couch reading on the Tablet. Finding something interesting, and moving up to the laptop sitting on my desk (either at that moment, or the following day).

Minority Report-style moving around will get easier to do over the next few years, I believe.

For now, we can fake it by re-visiting the website on a different device.

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