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Russian Ballet Dancer Sergei Polunin Simply Slays Hozier's 'Take Me To Church'

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I should have taken ballet... I also need more tattoos, darn good video, he has such a strong presence


"I should have taken ballet... I also need more tattoos" - best train of thought ever.

Yeah, that escalated quickly. 

Have you ever seen something and see in that thing a reflection of something that you could have been? 

I'll dodge that for a minute and tell you that my dad began to dance ballet when he was well into  adulthood and never stopped.  He lived to be almost 82.  He danced tap too. 

Also, if a robot can do it ...

valkrie iron man robot ballet dancing gif Imgur Tumblr

Yeah that question is a little heavy.  that robot is awesome and I am betting your father was as well, obviously in a different way unless he built an Iron Man suit to do ballet in.

Agreed, ballet is challenging enough without having to do it in an Iron Man suit!

Thanks Geege, that last pose is awesome, that was our pose after launching birds from my unit in the marines, callsign: "Atlas"

And by birds you mean...?

original video is very poignant and mirrors Putin's policy toward homosexuality.  This was very public during the Olympics, but has since faded from mention. 

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