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This woman wants to live and die on Mars—and 200,000 others would gladly take her place - Quartz

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Dina is 29 now, but she’ll be nearing 40 by the time of the Mars mission’s planned launch in 2024. She could be almost a year older than that when they arrive on Mars, which is up to 300 days’ travel away.

Her days may then be numbered. A group of strategic engineering graduates estimated that the first of the travelers would die in 68 days—though the plan is to live there much longer .

That "die within 68 days" link is fascinating and horrifying.

Every Monday  morning I contemplate dying on Mars....

Mondays are that bad?

It's a common working class lament.  I was speaking for the masses.  

My Mondays are actually pretty okay.

Heh, okay. 

I'm thinking about making a Humans on Mars stash but what should I call it?

Mars Humans?

"They Ded on Mars"

Haha, I was hoping to be a little more optimistic.


I like it!

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