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All major character deaths in The Walking Dead halfway through season 5 and issue 66: An Illustrated Guide

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Daily dot writes:

While there are major plot points in common between show and comic, there are major differences as well, especially when it comes to who dies, how, and when.

Andrea, who killed herself at the end of season 3 after being bitten by a zombie, is not only still alive in the comic, she’s one of the most important and deadliest survivors traveling with Rick Grimes. 

In the television show Sophia turns into a zombie, and the reveal at the mid-season break of season 2 is one of the most powerful moments in the history of the show. In the comic book Sophia is not only alive and well, she’s also kind of a love interest for Carl Grimes.

And if we told you who of your favorites from the show have died in later issues of the comic, you might hate us for the emotional shock, and the fear of their inevitable demise. 

Here's a timeline of what major characters died, how, and when, beginning with Rick Grimes's arrival in Atlanta, to shortly after Rick and company found Gabriel the priest and his church at the tail end of the first half of season 5. 

I liked this graphic, too:

The Walking Dead meme Rick Lori Herschel Shane Governor Imgur

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