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How a tweet inspired the making of a film on tech pioneer Grace Hopper

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Amid all the talk of tech-bros who have been programming since infancy... did you know that Grace Hopper was 37 when she learned to program? This fact inspired Chicago IoT entrepreneur and filmmaker Melissa George to direct the first documentary about the Admiral who made such a giant contribution to computer science.

Her name is Melissa Pierce, not Melissa George.

The documentary is called Born with Curiosity:

She's funding the $300k budget through corporate sponsorships like Rackspace.

She's also using Indiegogo:

From the Chicago Tribune article:

Q. How are you telling her story?

A. We’re really coming at this with Grace being very curious and persistent and trying not to tell the story of all her accolades, but of Grace making her way through life as it unfolded. She was a teenager when women got the right to vote. She lived through the Depression. She remembers WWI. She was in the Civil Rights era. What happened in her working environment? Does that change who she was or how she did things?

Also, did you see Grace Hopper on David Letterman?

Did you see the fivethirtyeight piece on Grace Hopper a few weeks ago?

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