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I'm Brianna Wu, And I'm Risking My Life Standing Up To Gamergate

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If I were one of the ladies targeted by GamerGate, I'm pretty sure I'd get a firearm and a concealed-carry permit. :/

The meanness of such ugly anonymous threats is horrifying.

Worse: Twitter, Wikipedia, and Reddit could be helping but so far are not.

Cutting and pasting most important part of the article:

When Twitter is completely ineffectual at handling harassment — it’s because women don’t truly have a seat at the table in running it. We don’t have a voice. They tell us they’re going to do better.

When Wikipedia’s highest ruling board chooses to discipline only feminists — it’s because nine out of 10 of its editors are men. They tell us they’re going to do better

When a Silicon Valley founder sends a woman reporter a gift basket with a dildo and K-Y jelly, then doesn’t understand why it might be offensive, it’s because most of the venture capital system and the tech entrepreneurs are men. We don’t have a voice. They tell us they’re going to do better.

Amazingly, the field of video games is the most misogynistic area in all of tech. The lead writer of Ubisoft’s hit franchise Watch Dogs angrily denied that Gamergate was a hate group, calling such statements a “smear tactic” and an “obvious lie.” During the reign of terror of Gamergate, I have had hundreds of conversations with other women. We’re exhausted, we’re terrified we’ll be next, we’re all thinking of quitting. 

I have a folder on my hard drive with letters from dozens and dozens of women who’ve abandoned their dream of becoming game developers due to Gamergate, some as young as 12. 

You’d hope that the gaming press would provide some sort of check on the unrelenting sexism in the game business, but the truth is, they’re complicit in creating our Gamebro culture. One of our largest gaming sites, IGN, has written one single, weak article addressing Gamergate where they don’t even mention it by name. I wish I could say I was surprised, but this is the site that advertises itself as “broverload.”

All this horror begs the question — what can be done? 

Fortunately, this isn’t something that requires us to boil the ocean to solve. Here are four easily achievable things that can be done immediately.

Firstly: For the last year, Reddit has had a female CEO named Ellen Pao. She has also struggled with high-profile sexism. Ellen, you have a hate group operating on your site called Kotaku in Action, creepily called KiA. This lunatic fringe of gamer doxxers who slanders us creates a culture that is making it impossible for us to do our jobs. Before this piece ran, I reached out to Pao, who said she wasn’t ready to talk about any plans publicly. I am calling on Pao and her Reddit admins to stop letting this hate group operate on their site.

Secondly, there have been no prosecutions for the hundreds of death threats that have been sent to Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian, or myself. I am calling on law enforcement, specifically the FBI, to step it up. This will not stop until you show the public that there are consequences to these illegal acts.

Thirdly, many of the most serious harassers have committed criminal acts — doxxing us, repeatedly threatening to murder women and attempting to blackmail me and other women. Yet they keep creating new accounts and coming back to harass us. Dick Costolo, we need Twitter to work with us to ban them when they create new accounts until you can develop better tools. If Twitter reaches out to me, I’d be delighted to help the with names of specific people breaking their TOS.

Lastly, I am calling on the Obama administration to arrest and prosecute Fredrick Brennan, the owner of 8chan. 8chan doesn’t just host child pornography, it also runs Baphomet, the most hardcore doxxing and swatting site on the Internet. It’s time for Brennan to face justice.

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