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Monopoly’s Inventor: The Progressive Who Didn’t Pass Go

Monopoly’s Inventor: The Progressive Who Didn’t Pass Go

It turns out that Monopoly’s origins begin not with Darrow 80 years ago, but decades before with a bold, progressive woman named Elizabeth Magie, who until recently has largely been lost to history, and in some cases deliberately written out of it.

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Magie lived a highly unusual life.

Unlike most women of her era, she supported herself and didn’t marry until the advanced age of 44. In addition to working as a stenographer and a secretary, she wrote poetry and short stories and did comedic routines onstage. She also spent her leisure time creating a board game that was an expression of her strongly held political beliefs.

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I never saw the round board before. 

Round Monopoly board Inventor The Progressive Who Didn t Pass Go NYTimes com

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