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Guy Plays Table Tennis Every Day For a Year

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I am convinced that everyone needs a hobby like this, something that isn't your job, and isn't just lazing around on the internet all day long. Learn a skill. Build something. Learn a language. Learn an instrument. Hell, if it happens to get you fit and healthier in the process then all the better.

And don't just half-ass it, either. Be good at something. Find something you enjoy, that you want to be good at, and make it happen; no excuses, no bullshit "oh I'll do it next week". The world has way too many people who just sit around doing so little with themselves; apathy wastes so much potential, and it feels rampant in a lot of the world.

700 Reddit comments:

“If every basketball player worked as hard as I did, I’d be out of a job.” ~Steve Nash

FYI, the song is "Fifteen" by Goldroom. Link

Guy Plays Table Tennis Every Day For a Year meme Imgur

For comparison, here is the gold medal table tennis match at the 2012 Olympics:

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