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There’s No Morality in Exercise: I’m a Fat Person Who Made a Successful Fitness App

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This is why diversity in tech matters. A clever but fat artist used her own life experience to make a fitness app -- with zombies! -- that has enchanted over a million users to date.

I liked the part of her story when she said her body wanted to move. 

Not to lose weight but because her body enjoys movement.

This is the point in the story, I know, where I should say “and the pounds just fell off.” But that's not what happened. I have never, as far as I know, lost a single pound-through exercise. I know some people do—we get emails every day from people who are losing weight with our app, and if that's a goal they have, I’m very happy we’re helping them to achieve it. It's just never happened to me. No, what happened was better: I started to enjoy being in my body. I felt better. I felt good. It is a very different feeling to be in a fat body that is moving a lot to one that hardly moves at all. It feels like love. As simple and as joyful as that.

this is a great way to talk about moving your body: "It feels like love. As simple and as joyful as that."

Yeah, she has a way with words. She also refers to it as the joy of movement:

I spent my years at university and the first couple of years of work deliciously and deliberately not exercising. Because all the exercise I’d ever been introduced to was debilitating, because I couldn’t conceive that a fat person would exercise for any other reason than losing weight, because I was sick and tired of people telling me to lose weight. And then I got lucky: I started a job which I found fairly tedious, but the office had a barely-used gym in the basement. In the lunch hour, I discovered, I could just zone out there for 45 minutes away from colleagues I mostly did not get on with and away from my computer. And that’s where I learned that I could enjoy exercising as long as I didn’t have to take part in team games where I was always letting someone down or being measured in a competition where I'd always come last. I discovered the joy of movement.

But that doesn’t really explain it; after all, some people would just have brought in a lot of novels and hidden away in a corner of a cafe at lunchtime. Here’s what I think really happened: my body wanted to move. I would look at people dancing or jumping or turning somersaults on TV and feel jealous of their movement. I felt a hunger to move, like a dog beating its tail at the front door, hoping for walkies. My body made me do it.

i know what she means: i wish i could leap and flip and somersault like a gymnast!  it looks like it feels so good!

Speaking of which, check this out:

i like the ukranian one best!  it actually brought tears to my eyes!  holy smokes, those women are amazing!  did you see how the little one just folded up like her spine was made of rubber?!

I did! Amazing flexibility!!

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