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I like the fonts, spacing, and readability of the heyzap blog.

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Joyce, I find this blog post formatting very readable.

I also like how Instapaper lets the reader change the size and type of font (Georgia, Verdana, Helvetica), font color and background color, and width of the text.

Heyzap is pretty readable. Clean look.

They use the same size font as us (16px) with a LOT of leading (1.8). My understanding was anything over 50% actually made it LESS readable. Anyway, I'm not opposed per se... it just seems like you prefer a look that is optimized for long-form blogging.

Good points. Maybe it's all of the other noise on the page (textareas, dates, buttons) that make us feel less readable than them.

Then again, I have no problem with two-sentence paragraphs on our site. My reading problem comes from 5-sentence paragraphs.

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