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Ermine in Winter Image, Italy

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Super cute!

What's an Ermine and why is this not in your Italy stash?

It's a short-tailed weasel also known as a stoat.  Its fur was/is prized by royalty to adorn their royal robes.

I have properly stashed the stoat in Italy.  Thank you.

You're welcome! Are they native to Italy?

Ermine Weasel Stoats are super cute!!!

Must find more images, gifs, and videos!!!!

"When a stoat can't chase down a rabbit, it breaks out the dance moves. All the dashing and thrashing hypnotizes the stoat's prey until it can deliver the killing stroke."

Are you freaking kidding me?!?!

Ermine have bathrooms.

Ermine are distributed all the way around northern part of the globe. They are found in the north temperate regions of Eurasia and North America. In the New World, they range from east to west in a broad belt from the Arctic Ocean and adjacent islands of the Canadian Archipelago southward into the northern United States. Ermine are absent from the Great Plains.

What kind of habitat do they need?

Ermine prefer woodlands near rivers, marshes, shrubby fencerows, and open areas adjacent to forests or shrub borders. Although ermine live primarily on the ground, they climb trees and swim well.

Tree roots, hollow logs, stone walls, and rodent burrows are used as dens. Dens are usually around 300 mm below ground. Ermine line their nests with dry plant material, and fur and feathers from prey. Side cavities of burrows are used for storing food and as bathrooms.

Ermine in a tree! SQUEE!!

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