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Tesla, Google, Apple: is Silicon Valley the future of the US car?

Tesla Google Apple is Silicon Valley the future of the US car

Bill Visnic, an analyst at industry specialist, said that given the seven-year average time frame to develop and bring a car to the mass market, the Detroit giants are not under serious pressure yet.

Even with the unexpected success of Tesla, for instance, the company still sold less than 35,000 cars last year in an national market of more than 16 million units. And Tesla's cars are confined to a very high-end niche market.

"Apple is not an immediate threat to the US auto industry. I don't think you'll see the volume there, the number of cars won't really begin to approach anything like Detroit is making right now at any time soon," said Visnic.

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I don't think of Tesla as being in the car business.

I think of them being in the energy storage business, and to a lesser extent, the car financing business.

Apple is interested in both batteries and cars:

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