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Behind New Dietary Guidelines, Better Science

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So after years of telling us to eat less cholesterol, less fat, less saturated fat, less salt, and less meat -- which amounts to telling us to eating more carbohydrates, many of them extremely processed -- the Diet Police have admitted they were basically wrong about EVERYTHING. Ooops, sorry for toying with your health for decades, American peoples! We didn't have computers back then and our maths was a little weak!

Finally a little common sense has broken through, and the public health officials have finally admitted that people need to eat something -- and if you tell them not to eat one thing, they will eat another. Sounds simple but this is really the upshot of a lot of these studies... that much as Dean Ornish and Jane Brody would like us to, most people aren't going to switch to a diet of whole grains that take an hour to cook and raw veggies dressed in vinegar. So what should people be eating? Some cooked veggies with a little butter is never a bad start...

At least the Diet Police were willing to revise their previously bad recommendations.

It does seem that for most people, the fewer carbs the better. 

Cooked veggies in butter is a good recommendation but are sweet potatoes veggies or carbs?

joyce, you always make me laugh!  "our maths was a little weak!"

and i love the gif.

trader joe's sells this "healthy 8 veggie mix" which has changed my life!  no washing or chopping necessary, just throw it in a pan with some sunflower oil, salt and pepper and you are eating delicious veggies in five minutes.  or use soy sauce instead of salt, a touch of sesame oil, and now it's stir fry!

trader joe's healthy 8 veggie mix

That's a pretty brilliant product by Trader Joe's. 

What's interesting about the article Joyce linked is how little the nutritionists had right before.

it's amazing, actually!  the article kept saying, yeah, this is frustrating, isn't it?  and, whoops, they got this wrong, too.  oh and salt?  yeah, too little is actually worse for you than too much.  sorry again, folks!

I understand people’s frustration at the continuing shifts in nutrition recommendations. For decades, they’ve been told what to eat because “science says so.” Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be true. That’s disappointing not only because it reduces people’s faith in science as a whole, but also because it may have cost some people better health, or potentially even their lives.

I just re-read that last sentence. "Sorry we killed some of you with our poor science."

That's really, really bad.


it sucks to trust someone and wind up duped, unhealthy, or dead.

if it's any consolation, i'm sure the scientists are disappointed, too; even they might feel duped.

It's unclear that they have a system in place to avoid making such inaccurate recommendations in the future. All we know is that everyone's body is different and processed foods tend to be bad for us.

amen, brother.

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