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Noah Kalina ages 12 years in 8 minutes of time lapse. Also, Homer Simpson aging...

Source: Cyriaque Lamar

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That's 4514 self-portraits over 12 years.

Cyriaque writes:

Oh, the joys of extreme long-term video projects.

Photographer Noah Kalina -- who previously (and famously) took a snapshot of himself once a day over six years -- has tacked another six-point-five years onto this unfinished visual diary.

It's a stark reminder that every single person on the planet drank an eensy bit out of the corners of their mouths from the wrong cup of the last Knight Templar. [Via MeFi]

I can feel myself getting older just watching this.

Quick, who's got a Holy Grail I can drink from?

Less dramatic (but perhaps more visually pleasing) is this vid by "ageing narcissist" @clickflashwhirr:

That's awesome. Never would have seen it if it weren't for you. Thanks.

As your reward, Homer Simpson takes a photo of himself every day for 39 years:

Probably one of the best gifs ever - Imgur

YouTube deleted the Homer Simpson photo of himself every day video.

So I replaced it with a gif instead.

And someone else found the video somewhere else on YouTube:

Wikipedia actually has a great explanation of Noah Kalina's Everyday video.

Two things.

1. The video is depressing.

2. His life seems incredibly boring.


The video demonstrates how not much actually changes in our lives from day to day.

Which is a really good point.

It also demonstrates how quickly time goes by.

Which is another really good point.

As for his life, you must have missed the part in 2006 with several das with celebrities including Paris Hilton, Lance Bass, David Hasselhoff, Jenna Jameson,, Flavor Flav, lonelygirl15 and "Weird Al" Yankovic. :)

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