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Thank You to Our Two Million Advertisers | Facebook for Business

Thank You to Our Two Million Advertisers Facebook for Business


This is a moment to celebrate all the incredible entrepreneurs like you who are creating value for their communities. 

Courtney, a mom in North Carolina who started The Produce Box, a company delivering fresh food that now provides a market for more than 40 farmers across the state.

Shubhra and Vivek, married Indian entrepreneurs who sold their house to raise the money to start Chumbak, an accessories company that now employs more than 150 people. 

Thiago, a Brazilian man in the Amazon who turned his passion for making chocolate into Brigadore Brigadeiros Gourmet, a chain of stores and a national brand.

KaYoung, a young woman in South Korea who used her law school tuition money to launch HotelNow, a service for finding last-minute hotel rooms, that is now expanding across Asia. 

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Wow, two million businesses now pay Facebook to advertise.

It seems like the businesses that do best with Facebook ads are selling something specific, and Facebook lets them target the age, gender, and location that is most likely to buy their goods.

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