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Deranged by Obama, Republicans are spouting nonsense - The Washington Post

Deranged by Obama Republicans are spouting nonsense The Washington Post


Republicans had better divert some of their campaign cash toward finding a cure for Obama Derangement Syndrome. If they don’t, their nemesis will beat them in a third consecutive presidential contest — without, of course, actually being on the ballot.

GOP power brokers and potential candidates surely realize that President Obama is ineligible to run in 2016. Yet they seem unable to get over the fact that he won in 2008 and 2012. It’s as if they are more interested in vainly trying to rewrite history than attempting to lay out a vision for the future.

Obama Derangement Syndrome is characterized by feverish delirium. The Republican Party suffered an episode last week when former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani began speaking in tongues about Obama’s patriotism.

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Lol.  I called it, but Obama Derangement Syndrome is a good name.  This will be entertaining.

As political strategies go, hating is pretty effective.  Try to remember how we felt about G.W. Bush in 2008.

It seems very different.  We hated having Bush II, thought he was dumb and shallow, made mistakes that confirmed this, but I didn't hate him particularly.  I felt sorry for him being in over his head more than anything.  Some of these people exhibit omni-rationalizing hate that I have never seen in such a widespread way.  It seems much different than for Clinton, even with the Republicans-publishing-pornography impeachment over lying about sex farce.  If it isn't racism toward Obama, then it is outrage that they were in the minority twice even after they spent everything they had to win at all costs.  The bankrupt outrage of a dying set of viewpoints perhaps.  It doesn't matter whether the next president is a Democrat or Republican: The psychic damage is done and the culture has changed drastically in ways that can't be reversed.  Those changes were going to happen anyway, but they weren't resisted and now they're cemented.  The Republicans are probably going to find that they're going to have to travel quite a bit from prior positions to even have a chance of winning.  Youth marches on, changing demographics in a big way.

Right, we hated the sin not the sinner.  Would you say that Republicans' Obama hatred is rooted in hatred of him primarily and hatred of liberalism secondarily?

It seems like it a lot of the time.  They are against whatever he is for, even if it was what they were just asking for.  Sometimes it seems he could get anything he wanted by just going for the opposite.

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