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12-Year-Old Student Gives Epic Answer to the Question: ‘Do You Really Love America, Obama?’

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Wow, that's a smart kid. 

If a bit war-monger-ish, but he's already primed for office.

I mean, do we really ignore geopolitics, diplomacy, legacy, and due process in international relations?  I don't think so.  hence, it's rather simplistic to conclude some kind of causation that Obama's executive decisions reflect a hatred or non-love.  It's an understatement to say that Obama is in a very challenging position, having to balance real strategic, logistical realities.  Bargains and compromises have to be made all the time that involve American lives...  

And neither is Obama a soldier of God, anointed to defend Christians. He is a patriot more than a zealot; a servant more than a savior.  Thus he must serve the interests of the USA, which include not getting involved until Senate, as representing the people's will, calls for it.  Unfortunately this means leaving an ethnic minority without defense against a superior, violent force...

It's also a bit arrogant (and a constant "I didn't know you couldn't do that") to think/believe/feel our American constitutional rights extend to another country, let alone, you know, Iran or Syria

"ISIS's presence in Iraq and Syria is fundamentally a political problem, not a military one."

meanwhile, we're all throwing video commentaries and forum comments from our chairs and safe little American rooms.

Agreed that it's a political problem and Obama is in a challenging position because of that. 

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