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A Same-Day Delivery Startup Brought Me a Fish We Both Assumed Would Die

A Same Day Delivery Startup Brought Me a Fish We Both Assumed Would Die


No one ever needs a live pet fish, three gallons of water, a fish tank, a heater, food, and various fish home accoutrements at a moment's notice. And yet, at 11am on a Tuesday, I texted a stranger and told them I needed all of this, and yes, I needed it today. Three hours and $200 later, my new friend arrived.

A Same-Day Delivery Startup Brought Me a Fish We Both Assumed Would Die

This all-too-simple delivery came courtesy of the vaguely mysterious new service Magic. There's no app. No web interface. You simply text the number your request, make a payment with Swipe, and Magic handles the rest. Literally. There is nothing separating you from your most fleeting, absurd flights of fancy. For example, there is no account sign-up process during which to think to yourself Wait, really? Nary a moment to reconsider your absurd demands. It is equal parts abhorrent and brilliant. And it works like a goddamn dream.

Supposedly, you can ask Magic for anything that doesn't violate the laws of the American justice system. Knowledge, deliveries, dating advice—nothing is theoretically outside the realm of what Magic is willing to do for its lazy clientele. It's available all across the US—local couriers permitting. For more reasonable requests (food, commodities, cleaning, etc.), it's easy to imagine how Magic gets the job done. Hire a messenger to run by the bodega. Queue up a delivery through Seamless. For more bizarre, more intricate requests, however—who knows.

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We were just talking about this yesterday:

I wonder what their strangest request has been. 

It appeals to my inner thrill-seeker in an odd way, "what can I ask for and can it work?" where I live I almost positively know the answer but it is exciting to think of the possibilities.

Care to share what your strangest request would be?

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