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Harvard boycotted company for anti-gay stance, but says SodaStream ban too “political”

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"The decision to boycott SodaStream came after a series of meetings with faculty and concerned students to discuss the implications of using a product manufactured in an Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank.

But now Harvard University Dining Services is reconsidering its decision on the grounds that it should not have taken “political” factors into account. This flatly contradicts a decision in another recent case — that administrators did not contest — to boycott a company whose chair made anti-gay comments."

“For Palestinian students at Harvard, the presence of the SodaStream label represented a direct endorsement of land theft that has destroyed their communities and left thousands without homes,” the Palestine Solidarity Committee (PSC) said in astatement released to the Crimson."

- a hint at the deep tension at play in the oppressed/minorities that we Americans are not always attuned to 

It's a reminder that everything we spend money for we are endorsing, so we have to be careful to only endorse companies whose values align with our own.

Ultimately, yes.  We did spend our physical/mental energy to make that money (or did we), so we may as well direct it to things we actually value/believe in.  Or try to.  It's hard sometimes, the options.

Agreed, sometimes there are no good options. But still, every purchase is a vote for more like this. 

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