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Be Calm, Robots Aren’t About to Take Your Job, MIT Economist Says - WSJ

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Mr. Autor, who as a child was fascinated by computers and studied to be a clinical psychologist before switching to economics, says predictions about automation are often wrong. He first encountered this in graduate school, when he studied the introduction of computer-driven machines on factory floors.

“Most managers thought they were turning workers into unskilled machine tenders,” he says. But what happened instead “was higher demand for people who could do abstract reasoning and control those machines,” he says.

Isn't that what the robots want us to think so we have a false sense of security and they can then just waltz right in and take our jobs? :)

Waltzing Robots would make a great you-know-what.

Demonstration of the metronome phenomenon?

Oh, super schweet!

I know, it's oddly satisfying!

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