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Bryan Lewis Saunders - DRUGS

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Artist takes pretty much every drug I've ever heard of and does a self portrait under the influence of each.

Interesting how similarity between compounds is reflected in similarity between portraits.

THC related drugs and opiates are so colorful! Smoke pot and make children's books!

DMT - awesome and from what I know of the substance -- not at all surprising.

And meth, wow. Probably my favorite. Very Francis Bacon. Makes me want to see more art done under its influence -- and never ever want to do the drug.

This guy lives down the road from a very good friend of mine in Johnson City (who also used to date Chris 'leave Britney alone' Crocker as teenagers, who himself is also from JC). He's pretty much known as a creeper... lol

JC, surprising to me and probably everyone else in creation, has a VERY eclectic art/alt scene. It's kind of like the Austin of southern Appalachia.


You're right, that meth portrait makes me very afraid of the drug.

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