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BuzzFeed #thedress yielded 8 articles and 41 million views, peaking at 673k concurrent users. Here's what DevOps saw:

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The Black Blue Gold a White dress yielded 8 articles and 41 million views on BuzzFeed?!

9:09 p.m.: When we hit 500,000 concurrent active visitors, I invite Samir, social media, to dev-chat to join in on the fun. Eugene asks him for his over-under on active visitors. Samir knows that we still have a good 90 minutes of peak internet usage and says 600,000, then revises to 650,000. He was SPOT ON — traffic peaked at 673,000.

Samir explains how it happened.“People were discussing it in the office, so I figured I would tweet it, and saw a HUGE click-through rate. I posted it as a photo on Facebook because I wasn’t sure if it was something where you had to see the whole photo or not, but no one was clicking through at all. So I reposted as a link, watched it for a few minutes, not much engagement, deleted it. Twitter was doing so well, I decided to just post it again and saw it immediately rise in the live stats and get tons of comments on Facebook.”

I saw it on Reddit, Imgur, BusinessInsider, and PandaWhale:

But not BuzzFeed.

Because pandawhale is BOSS!!!

Clearly BuzzFeed is boss, but I avoid it whenever possible. 

I'm friends with them, so I give them a few clicks, even when I shouldn't.  

Now I'm curious when you shouldn't. Clickbait or something else?

When it rewards a system I find to be quite annoying."Top 17 Reasons Why JP Wants to Slap the Fuck Out of Clickbait Artists (and you won't BELIEVE #7!)"

clickbait toast meme Imgur

That's really clever. 

Clickbait is like spam: We all hate it but it still exists because it works on some people.

I'm with you -- I have a no click policy for any clickbait title, no matter how tempting.

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