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Sonic CEO: I Welcome Being Regulated As A Common Carrier

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And that's an important point: net neutrality violations are a just a symptom of an uncompetitive market. 

In an ideal world, consumers would have ample choices and the ability to vote with their wallet to punish bad ISP behavior. It's only the monopoly/duopoly control over the last mile, which won't be going anywhere anytime soon, that makes neutrality protections necessary in the first place. They're not the perfect option, but they're the best option to protect consumers in the face of limited competition.

Of course Comcast, AT&T, Verizon and friends get around this logic trap by pretending that the broadband market is secretly incredibly competitive and therefore regulatory involvement is totally unnecessary. We're told that if we deregulate markets -- and weaken regulatory power -- we'll soon be awash in a myriad of competitive choices and things will just work out. Except the FCC spent the last fifteen years deregulating the market at the industry's behest, and the result was the worst customer service in any industry and some of the highest broadband prices among all developed nations.