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Voormi Wants to Be the Colorado Startup That Revolutionized Outerwear

Introducing Voormi's Game-Changing New Technology | Design and Tech |

Introducing Voormi's Game-Changing New Technology | Design and Tech |

While some remarkable new membranes have come along since Gore-Tex was invented in 1969, most executions have been variations on a theme: A membrane between two layers of fabric, or a membrane between a layer of fabric and a polyurethane coating. That’s where you get terminology like “three-layer” or “2.5 layer.”

Voormi thinks it can change that. The Colorado startup’s new Core Construction technology, which it’s debuting this month, weaves fibers directly into a functional membrane. The result is a fabric platform that allows for additional loft or different surface textures by simply weaving in more fibers—no glue or layering required. You get a single-layer fabric with, say, the functionality of a hard shell and the look and feel of your favorite Icebreaker hoodie.

“We start with a functional membrane—windproof, waterproof, UV protecting, whatever—then we build a knit around that core,” says Voormi marketing director Timm Smith. “The knit is fully in, out, and around that core. Then we can process that in various ways to either fully seal it and shut it down or leave holes.”

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