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What You Can Get For $500 On Magic Startup - Stress Testing the SMS Delivery Service

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Hey guys, Brent from the video. So the deal is that it's sometimes expensive and sometimes very reasonable. In fact sometimes they screw up and lose money on a transaction. Why? Because the company is literally just over a week old and they unexpectedly went viral, so they're figuring everything out. They did pretty well on some of our transactions, but they actually lost money on the hoodie transaction because they forgot to account for tax when they quoted me the price. Growing pains.

They'll probably establish a more regular pricing scheme at some point, but they're just trying to figure it out at this point.

If you want to learn more you should read the article I wrote for Wired.

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One month old Magic raised $12 million on $40 million from Sequoia. 

They're the star of the 2015 YCombinator class:

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