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Why Pebble's CEO actually wants the Apple Watch to succeed

Why Pebble s CEO actually wants the Apple Watch to succeed VentureBeat Gadgets by Mark Sullivan


VentureBeat: We were talking about the role of a smartwatch — the things it should do. What is the scope of the tasks a smartwatch should handle?

Migicovsky: If you’ve seen some of the first smartwatches, they are set up around apps the same way that smartphones are. We decided to create the Pebble interface around time. The Pebble tells you what time it is, and then a couple of facts about the time.

Most of the things that happen can be taken in the context of time. We designed our interface around things happening in the future, things happening in the present, and things that happened in the past.

(On the side of the Pebble Time, there are three buttons — one for past events, one for present events, and one for future ones.)

For example, say you follow a sports team or two. You might want to know when they are going to play, and maybe what TV channel it will be on. If the game is happening in the present, you might want to know when in the game it is, and the score. If it’s a game in the past, you might want to know the score.

We think that most things can be organized that way, instead of just getting a notification that only arrives once. We used this concept that everything is pinned to a place on your timeline. Just imagine that everything is an event moving through time from future to present to past.

Our product team put an immense amount of time into developing this concept. And we really talked to our users about it.

VentureBeat: Do you care about the Apple Watch?

Migicovsky: Well, I hope it doesn’t fail!

VentureBeat: Really? Why?

Migicovsky: It will be the first time many people have even seen a smartwatch. We’ve sold a million more watches than they’ve sold. And there’s seven billion people in the world, and the vast majority of them won’t be able to afford an Apple Watch.

I think the Pebble is a better product in a number of ways. There are many things that the Pebble does better. The battery life, the compatibility, and even the timeline, which is a complete reinterpretation of the way people think. Ours isn’t based around apps.

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How does he know the Pebble has a better battery life than the Apple Watch?

It's not out yet so there's no way to know. This shoots his credibility.

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