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Blue states have more people in college housing. Red states more people in prisons and jails.

Blue states have more people in college housing, red states more people in prisons & jails
5:40 AM Mar 01 2015

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It's like the country is split in half. 

Is this causation or purely correlation?  the world may never know.

Each person in jail cannot also be in college, so that's the causation. 

I am trying to wrap my head around why it's mostly southern states, this one fact alone doesn't help me, maybe median income per household, unemployment and food supplement recipients per capita all would help draw a picture of the real problem with these states. 


I mean, it's also California, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico, none of which are really part of the south. Perhaps warmer weather leads to greater incarceration as tempers run hot?

That was my first assumption but then Idaho doesn't make sense, maybe it's an outlier.

And Alaska and Colorado and Kentucky too?

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