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The Cabin in the Woods - Official Trailer HD (2012)

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Watched Cabin in the Woods, it's a hilarious good time. Two comments:

it's basically one horror flick to rule them all. Second, it plays on the myth that man is in control, and despite everything, it's nothing but.

And yes, there are mermen.


No, not that type, this type:


Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford are hilarious. Even Sigorney Weaver makes a surprise appearance in the end.

On another note, Cube-0, Cube, and Hypercube are all really good movies too and this movie reminded me a little bit about it (though it reminded me about 13 ghosts, hellraiser, texas chainsaw, 28 days, and dozens of others too).

I still need to see this movie.

I finally saw all three Cube movies. 

I was surprised by how entertaining they were with such a simple premise

One of my favorite parts is when Jenkins in explaining to another employee how Zombies and Redneck Zombie Family are entirely different species, just like an Elephant and an Elephant Seal are entirely different.


I'm not a big horror film person, but this looks intriguing, placed in my Netflix Queue ;)

Didja get yo watch it yet?

I did watch it, rated it 4 out of 5, it was less out right gore, more story to it, intelligent horror. 

Was it surprising? Or a straightforward linear story?

It had some different twists, so not what you expect.

I can only imagine, given the Zombies vs Redneck Zombie Family distinction in the chart above!

Also, this still makes me wonder WTF.

cabin in the woods hot

Did you get to see it yet?

A few more stills...

cabin in the woods hot

cabin in the woods hot

cabin in the woods hot

What else is on your horror watchlist? 

That's one of the best lines in the movie: "I think I can get it to go down."  "Do we want it to go down??"

On a completely different subject.  Blackhat was a surprisingly good movie.

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