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The Science of Why Republicans Are Dead Wrong About Climate Change and National Security | UK Progressive

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And yet it doesn't matter...

Science is about observation to ascertain facts; politics is about compromise to make laws and policies.

Policies made contrary to obvious science (such as.... do owls exist, are there oceans, does water boil at 100C) are deserving of a good scoffing.  :) 

John Oliver climate change meme

Policies take into account more than science because politics serves many constituents, including the ones who care more about money than owls or the ocean.

Sad though that may be. 

It's one thing for all of us to look at say, climate change data, and the overwhelming scientific consensus, and say "Well, regardless, we should build this pipeline".  It's wholly another thing to simply say "Well, that science is wrong, so we should build this pipeline".  That deserves to be called what it is.

Saying that "science is wrong" is just a tool of politicians.

It's designed to make their opponents emotional, which is better for negotiation.

Science doesn't care if it's called wrong, because it knows it's right. :)

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