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Zoolander and Hansel just walked the Valentino runway finale for Zoolander 2!

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mugatu that hansel's so hot right now gif Imgur Tumblr

Zoolander 2 Paris Fashion Week gif gfycat:

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At Paris Fashion Week, in real life are these two ridiculously good looking guys:

Ben Stiller Owen Wilson hot Paris fashion week runway Zoolander Hansel Imgur Tumblr

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zoolander hansel catwalk runway gif Imgur hot owen wilson ben stiller

zoolander magnum gif imgur tumblr blue steel ben stiller

Zoolander 2 is coming February 12, 2016:

Zoolander 2 Derek and Hansel blaze down the Valentino runway meme tweet Imgur Tumblr

Ben Stiller was taking pictures with people...

Ben Stiller Zoolander 2 Paris Valentino Runway Finale hot Imgur

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