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Behind the scenes: A/B testing part 3: Finalé - (37signals)

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My question is this...I wonder why they stopped with just vanilla conversion ratio data. I think it would have been way more beneficial to to see how those cohorts have faired in the past year.

The long form copy imo would be a much more qualified lead... kind of bummed they didn't go in that direction.

The main point is they may increased signups but did they actually gain valuable customers?

My guess is that they did NOT increase valuable customers, or they'd be saying it.

Because usually you can't shut 37signals up about itself.

When they're quiet, the answer is no.

I just noticed a commenter on that thread as the very same question and this is what they had to say..

Sebastian Hoitz 23 Aug 11

What results did your cohort analysis give you? How many converted to paying customers? How many never returned after signup?

I can imagine that a lot more people sign up for a free version on the short homepage just because there is not enough information on there.

"JD 23 Aug 11

Sebastian, we are measuring that.

Sebastian Hoitz 23 Aug 11

@JD Awesome! Are you going to do a follow up post on that too?"

Interesting that they are still using the same exact landing pages today... over a year later.

if you like looking at successful AB tests, check out lots of cool examples, but they do also tend to be mostly about conversions of signup.

Awesome.. will def check them out.. I love the case study's from these guys as well.

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