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Guided Meditations app Buddhify is Getting Great Reviews

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An app for meditation?!

I've discovered a really awesome app for my phone that provides guided meditations separated into categories depending on what you're using it for.

It may sound counterintuitive — phones, technology, that's all about a culture obsessed with their own short attention spans, right?

Nope. This app — called "Buddhify" — is completely awesome. And the key is in their compassionate delivery.

Think of it as on demand meditations for every part of your day. I love it.

Here's the extremely simple way it works:

Let's say you're on a train on the way to work, and you want to clear your mind to prepare for the day. You put on your headphones, open the app, and you see this handy wheel:


Each of these little slivers of the pie represent the part of your day or event you need the meditation for. For example, you could select "feeling stressed," "walking in the city," "work break," "difficult emotions," or in our current example, "traveling."

Once you click a category, you'll get four or five options of different meditations you can do and their title. It also tells you how long they are. Some are four minutes, some are 15. There's a great range here depending on how much time you want to spend on the meditation.


After that you see this:


Then, it's all about sitting back, relaxing, and pressing play.

I really love this app. The people they've employed to lead these meditations are fantastic. Each voice is compassionate, modern, and even a little amusing at times in all the right ways. I've used this app on the train, walking in the street, or just sitting cross legged on my living room carpet.

It's only a couple bucks and is available on both Android and iOS. I can't recommend it enough, it will revolutionize your day if you let it.

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